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Grooming your best bud can be a long and tedious process, especially if Nugget makes a fuss out of bath time. With Nellie's Pet Products, you can skip the hassle, and they can put their best paw forward! 

Nellie's NEW Pet Bundle has everything you need to give your fur-bestie a tail-wagging bathtime experience. 

Here's what's included: 

Fresh Dog: 

Nellie's Fresh Dog is a waterless dog shampoo, perfect for fur babies that don't like water, for when your pup needs a quick refresh, or between main grooming sessions.

Fresh Dog contains an enzyme blend that helps remove protein, starch, and fat residues from fur and skin naturally, without disturbing the delicate pH balance of the skin. Fresh Dog's natural oatmeal Mango fragrance leaves your pooch smelling fresh and clean and keeps their coat shiny and soft. 

Plant-based, biodegradable and non-toxic, Fresh Dog works on all puppers, doggos, and woofers, from long-haired to short. 

DBL DRY Towel: 

We know your pooch is the best in the biz, but let's face it - that 'wet dog' smell is no good. Double down on damp doggos with Nellie's Fresh Dog and our DBL DRY Dog Towel and keep them smelling fresh while looking their best! 

This extra-large, beach-sized towel (60"x30") will dry Nugget quickly and effortlessly, providing comfort and warmth. With a unique weave pattern, the DBL DRY Dog Towel is designed to absorb 7x its weight in water. It shortens drying time, captures every drop, and requires no wringing out. 

One Soap:

When we say One Soap, we mean it! Our pet-friendly, fragrance-free One Soap is perfect for when you have the time and energy to give your pooch a deep clean! 

Add Fragrance-Free One Soap to your dog's bath water and let splash time begin! One Soap is plant-based and multipurpose and made without SLS, SLES, or dyes. Best of all, there are no harsh chemical perfumes, so it won't irritate your pet's delicate skin. It's also planet-friendly, hypoallergenic, and super soft on your hands too! Finish up using our super absorbent DBL DRY Towel! 


Wrinkles stuffed toy is a cute snuggle companion for both adults and kids. Even your real living, breathing dogs will love Wrinkles, too! 

And, of course, just like the rest of Nellie's products, our pet washing products are Leaping Bunny Certified & Planet-Friendly! 

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