Deodorizing pet areas with Nellie's Ninety-Nine!

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Accidents happen - that's a given, so when your furry friend has an unfortunate mishap, having a Nellie's Ninety-Nine handy makes clean-up a breeze! Keep pet areas and pet gear smelling fresh with a spritz of Nellie's Ninety-Nine's electrolyzed water solution. 

Pet Accidents 

Using the power of electrolyzed water, Nellie's Ninety-Nine converts table salt and water into a powerful, planet-friendly deodorizer that kills 99.9% of the "bad stuff" that causes nasty pet odours. We recommend first cleaning the soiled area with Nellie's WOW TOO and Floor Care, followed by a generous spray of the odour-killing hypochlorous acid solution (created by Nellie's Ninety-Nine).

Pet Gear 

Keep pet areas & pet gear deodorized with a spritz of Nellie's Ninety-Nine's electrolyzed water. 

Use it on: 

- Pet beds and pet bedding 

- Pet clothing 

- Feeding areas 

- Bowls 

- Toys 

- Entryways and mudrooms

- Dog houses 

- Cages 

Nellie's Ninety-Nine eliminates 99.9% of the odours - when combined with an electric charge, table salt and water produce electrolyzed water - an odour-killing solution that occurs naturally. Perfect for a loveable but sometimes smelly pet! 

Endlessly Reusable 

Re-usable, durable bottle. All you will ever need is salt and water. Saving you money!

Ready in 16 minutes 

Quick and easy 16 min charge on the charging dock, and it's ready to go! Never be without! 

Planet Friendly 

No synthetic chemicals, bleach, alcohol or hazardous materials going back into our environment - after all, our fur-besties lick the floor without a second thought!

Floor care ninety-nine WOW TOO

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