WOW TOO Tips & Tricks!

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Nellie's new WOW TOO makes cleaning your floors - dare we say - enjoyable! The truth is, you might never want to stop! 

As the new WOW TOO has some different features from the WOW Mop, we've put together some handy Tips & Tricks to keep your WOW TOO in working order! 

WOW TOO Tips & Tricks!

Sprayer and Floor Care Solution:

- To avoid clogging, do not use cleaning solutions that contain oil, wax, or vinegar, as this may corrode the inside of your sprayer. You can use any floor care product that you like, but of course, we recommend a 1:3 ratio of Nellie's Floor Care to water. If using another floor cleaner, ensure it has a PH of 7 or higher.

- Ensure the spray nozzle is turned into the lock position. The lock is located on the front of the WOW TOO base, in the middle of the headlight. Turn the lock all the way to the right until it stops and is in a horizontal position. The sprayer may take a few tries before fully operating. 

- Make sure the water reservoir is pushed in all the way. You should hear a double click! Fill the water tank to the max fill line, give it a shake to loosen any air bubbles and then insert it into the WOW TOO using the double click method. 

- Be sure to empty the reservoir when not being used regularly. 

- If you live in an area with hard water, use distilled water as mineral build-up can cause the sprayer to clog.


Battery and Operation: 

- Be sure to charge your mop fully prior to first use! The mop is fully charged when all lights are illuminated (1-3 hours). (3 lights = 100%, 2 lights = 65%, 1 light = 30%, 3 flashing lights = low battery). 

- Once the mop is fully charged, remove the plug from the mop and wall and store the adaptor in a safe place. 

- If your mop is not charging all the way, make sure that you are using the original WOW TOO adapter. Using a different adapter will shorten your mop's battery life. Nellie recommends labelling your WOW TOO adapter! 

- If using the correct adapter but the mop is still not charging to 100%, this can be an indicator that the adapter is defective. Please contact Nellie's customer service for assistance. 

- If your mop is not oscillating when pressing the on/off button. Try changing the battery in the handle of the mop! 

We stand by our products, which is why the WOW TOO comes with a 2-year replacement warranty when purchased through an authorized retailer! 


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