Effortless Dishwashing: Hacks for Sparkling Dishes

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Hand-washing dishes might not be your favourite task, but with Nellie's Dish Butter, it's a breeze. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your dishes are spotless!

1. Tackle Stuck-On Food 

Before you start, use a silicone spatula or the back of a spoon to scrape off any stubborn food scraps into the compost or trash. This quick step prevents clogged drains and makes dishwashing easier. 

2. Set Up the Sink Bath 

Plug the sink drain, and arrange your dishes, starting with the largest on the bottom and smaller items on top. Now, the secret ingredient: Nellie's Dish Butter. Add a small amount while running the water for a sudsy, dishwashing bath. 

3. Strategic Washing Order 

Optimize your dishwashing process. Begin with lightly soiled items like glasses, cups, and silverware, working your way down to the heavier plates and pots. Keeping dishes submerged while scrubbing ensures a thorough clean. 

Don't overlook the often-neglected areas, like the rim and edges of glasses and pot lids. Pay attention to knife handles and other silverware handles for an all-around clean. 

4. Prioritize Sharp Objects 

Wash knives and sharp objects before you fill the sink to prevent any accidents. As the water becomes cloudier, sharp items can become hidden! 

5. Show Your Sink Some Love 

Your sink deserves some TLC too. Rinse and scrub it with hot water and your Forever Brush to prevent grime buildup, and periodically clean your drain to prevent odours. 

And here's an essential tip: If your dishes have grease on them, never pour it down the drain. Dispose of grease in the garbage to avoid drain clogs. 

Make dishwashing a breeze with Nellie's Dish Butter and these hacks, and you'll have spotless, sparkling dishes every time! 

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