The Perfect Planet Friendly Gift!

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In a world where celebrations and gatherings come in all shapes and sizes, finding the right gift can sometimes be a daunting task. Enter Nellie's Bundles - a diverse range of planet friendly cleaning bundles full of products recipients will actually use.

Nellie's Host Bundle: 

Got a friend who loves hosting dinners, housewarmings, or just casual get-togethers? The Nellie's Host Bundle is your secret weapon. Packed with our favourite cleaning essentials, it's the perfect gift to keep their home as inviting as their company. 

Nellie's Dish Cleaning Bundle: 

Know someone whose happy place is the kitchen? The Nellie's Dish Cleaning Bundle is their dream come true. It combines our legendary Dish Butter, Forever Brush, and Swedish Dishcloths to create the ultimate kitchen cleaning package - ready to tackle any mess while saving the planet. 

Nellie's WOW TOO Bundle

For that special someone who's all about the 'clean life', Nellie's WOW TOO Bundle will blow them away. This kit includes our infamous upgraded WOW TOO Mop, paired with our floor care essentials, for a deep and thorough cleaning experience. 

Nellie's Laundry Starter Bundle: 

Need a gift for a friend who wants to be greener but doesn't know where to start? The Nellie's Laundry Starter Bundle has your back. It's loaded with everything needed for cleaner, greener laundry days. 

Nellie's Baby Bundle: 

When welcoming a new baby, or celebrating at a baby shower, the Nellie's Baby Bundle is the ultimate gifting choice. Packed with baby-safe, hypoallergenic products, it's a caring and thoughtful gift for both babies and parents. 

So, whether you're heading to a baby shower, a housewarming, or a good old-fashioned holiday gathering, Nellie's Bundles offer a range of planet friendly cleaning options that are sure to amaze. Celebrate with care and give the gift of a cleaner, greener world! 

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