Freshen Your Home Gym with Nellie's Ninety-Nine

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Are lingering odours turning your home gym into a not-so-inviting space? Say goodbye to unpleasant smells and hello to a fresh workout environment with Nellie's Ninety-Nine! Our revolutionary deodorizing spray is here to elevate your home gym experience. 

Why Nellie's Ninety-Nine? 

At the heart of the Ninety-Nine is the power of electrolyzed water, a natural solution that eliminates 99% of the bad stuff causing nasty odours. It's a game changer in the world of deodorizing, especially for your home gym. 

What's the secret? Just Salt and Water! 

Ninety-Nine is crafted with simplicity in mind. Just add salt and water to the reusable Ninety-Nine bottle, and you're ready to combat odours. It's an endlessly reusable solution, making it a planet friendly choice for your home and the environment. 

How to Use the Ninety-Nine in Your Home Gym: 

1. Dumbbells: Give your dumbbells a quick spritz after each use to keep them smelling fresh and clean.  

2. Yoga Mats: Wipe down your yoga mat with Ninety-Nine to eliminate post-workout odours.  

3. Benches: Keep workout benches odour-free by spraying them down after each session. 

4. Towels: Refresh your workout towels between laundry days by giving them a spray of the Ninety-Nine solution.  

5. Shoes: Bid farewell to the smell of sweaty shoes by spritzing the Ninety-Nine inside and letting them air out.  

6. Sports Equipment: Whether it's your resistance bands, kettlebells, and any other sports gear, a quick spray of the Ninety-Nine does wonders. 

Benefits of the Ninety-Nine for Your Home Gym: 

1. Natural Odour Elimination: The Ninety-Nine creates electrolyzed water, a natural disinfectant that tackles odours at their source. 

2. Effortless to Use: A few spritzes go a long way. Keep your home gym smelling fresh with minimal effort. 

3. Planet Friendly: Nellie's commitment to the environment means that the Ninety-Nine is eco-friendly and safe for your home. 

Transform your home gym into an inviting, odour-free space with Nellie's Ninety-Nine. Embrace a fresh workout area and elevate your fitness routine. Say goodbye to gym odours and hello to a revitalized home workout experience! 


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