Sleigh the Mess: Nellie's Guide to Christmas Tree Cleanup

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As the festive season comes to a close,  it's time to bid adieu to your Christmas tree and welcome the New Year with a fresh start. Here's a comprehensive guide to effortlessly clean up after the holidays. 

1. Farewell to the Fir: 

Gently remove your Christmas tree, being mindful of fallen needles. A quick pass with a vacuum ensures a needle-free zone, leaving your space tidy. 

2. Mop Up with the WOW TOO: 

If your tree stand has left a watery surprise, don't fret! Reach for Nellie's WOW TOO for quick and efficient mop-ups. Its fast-drying formula ensures your floors are left spotless. 

3. All-Purpose Magic: 

Tree sap can be a sticky situation, but not with Nellie's All-Purpose Cleaner. A spritz and a quick swipe with a Swedish Dishcloth works wonders, removing sap without a trace. 

4. Fresh Fragrance with Nellie's Ninety-Nine:

Maintain a fresh post-holiday ambiance with Nellie's Ninety-Nine. A few sprays deodorize, and ensures your home smells fresh and inviting. 

Embrace the post-holiday cleanup with Nellie's, ensuring a seamless transition into the New Year. Let the freshness linger as you bid farewell to the festive season and embrace the clean slate that the upcoming year brings! 

all-purpose ninety-nine WOW TOO

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