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Ever wonder where the phrase, 'bundle of joy' comes from?

We haven't fact-checked this, but we're pretty sure it was born out of the pure, unadulterated joy experienced when scrubbing the rim of a toilet bowl. 

So, to enhance the "Joy" we created Nellie's Cleaners Bundle and threw in all our favourite household cleaners plus our new Swedish Dishcloths to bring you even more joy. You're welcome. 

One Soap

A plant-based, multi-use soap that's great for hand washing dishes, hands, countertops, floors, and pets! 

Swedish Dishcloths 

Replace 15+ rolls of single-use paper towels using these wonder cloths to wipe up spills, wash dishes and clean countertops. 

Shower & Bath Cleaner 

Made from a plant-based formula, Nellie's Shower & Bath Cleaner provides exceptional cleaning power against soap scum and grime. 

Toilet Bowl Cleaner 

For a deeper clean, this all-purpose cleaner is a necessity for cleaning countertops, sinks, glass, and stainless steel. 

Always save 15% by buying in bundles

ICYMI: Nellie's recently added FUNdraising opportunities for schools, sports teams, and community programs. Whether you need to raise money to upgrade a playground, fund an exchange program, or purchase new sports equipment, Nellie's is here to help! 

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