Elevate Your Every Day Laundry Routine

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Laundry - the chore that never seems to end. But what if we told you that with Nellie's, you can turn it into a breeze? Let's dive into some simple steps that will have your everyday laundry look, feel, and smell better than ever before. 

Step 1: Sort Like a Pro

Begin by sorting your laundry into categories: whites, darks, and colours. This step may seem straightforward, and not always necessary when using cold water, but it's a safety net for preventing colour bleeding and ensuring a thorough clean. 

Step 2: Banish Stains with the WOW Stick 

Nellie's WOW Stick is your secret weapon against stubborn stains. Say goodbye to the stress of stained clothes! Simply apply water and the WOW Stick to the stain, give it a little rub, and let it work its magic. This powerful stain remover makes stain-fighting a breeze.

Step 3: Master the Machine Wash 

Enter Nellie's Laundry Soda, the powerhouse of your laundry routine. Simply add one scoop of Laundry Soda to the drum or the dispenser of your machine and let it do its thing. Add 1-3 scoops of Nellie's Oxygen Brightener for an extra boost of cleaning power. It's like a secret ingredient that revitalizes your clothes, leaving them brighter and fresher. 

Step 4: Fluff and Freshen with Dryerballs 

Meet Nellie's Lamby Wool Dryerballs - your new best friend in the dryer. These woolly wonders reduce drying time, soften clothes, and minimize static naturally. As your clothes tumble, they'll emerge softer and fluffier than ever before. 

Step 5: Wrinkle-Free Finish 

Complete your laundry routine with a spritz of Nellie's Wrinkle-B-Gone. This magical formula erases wrinkles with ease, leaving your clothes looking wrinkle-free. Say goodbye to the hassle of ironing and hello to perfectly polished outfits. 

With Nellie's in your corner, everyday laundry becomes an efficient and rewarding task. Elevate your laundry routine today and experience Nellie's difference. 

Happy Laundering! 

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