15 Loads each of eco-friendly laundry detergent, oxygen brightener and dishwasher powder

Try It Bundle

Sample-SIze Laundry and Dish Detergents

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Brand new to Nellie’s? Or just have a crippling fear of commitment (those are the only two options). Either way, we’ve got you covered! Try out a few of our all time faves before ‘taking the leap’, with the Nellie’s 'Try It' Bundle - and see what all the planet friendly fuss is about.

With 15 scoops of product per pouch, you can affordably try our best-selling, planet friendly, simple, and effective powders.

Nellie's Laundry Soda, Oxygen Brightener and Dishwasher Powder are the perfect starter products when switching to a greener clean.

Bundle & Save 15%!

What's Included:
1 x Laundry Soda (15 Load Pouch)
1 x Oxygen Brightener (15 Scoop Pouch)
1 x Dishwasher Powder (15 Scoop Pouch)

Please note: This bundle is excluded from any discounts and coupons.

Laundry Soda - Use 1 scoop per regular sized load
Oxygen Brightener - Use 1-3 scoops per regular sized load
Dishwasher Powder - Use 1 scoop per regular sized load

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