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Most of us clean our home by going room to room, checking off the to-do list in each room. And when we keep up with it, our homes look great. But who can really keep up with that? Switching to task-based cleaning instead of going room-by-room simplifies the cleaning routine. Everything will still appear perpetually clean if you break up the task instead of by room: dusting would happen once a week whether you do it in the bathroom every week or throughout the house each Monday, as an example. Here’s a sample schedule:

Dust surfaces with a cloth and the All Purpose Cleaner (this means everything – including toilets and picture frames in every room)


Clean surfaces with the All Purpose Cleaner (this would be things like counters, glass, wooden tables, chairs, appliances, and again, toilets)


Vacuuming (every room with wall-to-wall carpet and all area rugs)


Mop other floors with the WOW Mop and Floor Care (vacuum first, and then clean wood floors and tile floors throughout the house)


Clean out fridge, straighten pantry, clear off desk, organize mudroom and entry, and maintain closets


Wash bedding with the Laundry Soda, Oxygen Brightener to freshen up your whites, and speed up the dry time with the Lamby Wool Dryerballs


Rotate toys and books and plan for the week ahead

Another advantage to this strategy is that it’s much easier to remember what you’re supposed to do each day. If needed, you can break up that day’s duty into small chunks of time that more easily fit into your schedule – but you know throughout Monday that you’ll have your duster at-hand.
One thing that might need to be tweaked with this schedule is if you live in a multi-level home. In that case, it might be easier to group a couple days’ tasks together and stick to cleaning one floor at a time. Will you switch up your cleaning schedule? Let us know in the comments!
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