The Nellie’s WOW Stick Story

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The Nellie’s WOW Stick:

How our fan favourite stain fighter came to be

One of the perks of working for a small company like Nellie’s is that even the staff is encouraged to participate in product development!
Before the word WOW found its way onto some of our packaging, a few of the parents with young kids on the Nellie’s team saw a need for a natural stain remover. Oxygen Brightener was working wonders on all types of stains (in and out of the washer)... but it wasn’t portable. Bleach pens were quite popular... but not a natural solution.
[caption id="attachment_84946" align="alignnone" width="1266"] Photo Credit: Alyssa Dawson Photography & Sophie Collins[/caption]
During a weekly sales meeting, the idea of a powerful and natural stain remover came up and our owner (AKA Nellie's son) said, “if you think there is a need, let’s do it!”.
The team got busy. We had one goal: to have the Nellie’s stain remover outperform the others!
Working with a soap manufacturer, many samples were ordered, and a rigorous testing process began. All types of stains were applied to white shirts in the Nellie’s HQ kitchen, including tire grease, blood, soy sauce, coffee, hanger marks, and ink. The team tested and tested until a formula was able to remove all the stains successfully!
During the testing process, some of our employees would walk by and watch what was going on, exclaiming "WOW!" in awe from witnessing each stain disappear. We initially had another name for our stain remover picked out, but hearing "WOW" after "WOW", the name was pretty obvious, and the WOW Stick was born!
[caption id="attachment_84981" align="aligncenter" width="1211"] Photo Credit: Alyssa Dawson Photography & Sophie Collins[/caption]
Fun Fact: The WOW Stick was the first Nellie’s product to have WOW in its name and lemongrass as a scent. Since then, lemongrass has become Nellie’s signature scent and WOW has made it into the name of more of our amazing products.
Since conception, customers regularly send us photos of their WOW Stick’s results. We love seeing the results and discovering new stains that this powerful little stick can tackle!
What’s a major stain you’ve got out with the WOW Stick? Post a photo and tag us @nelliesclean!
Packaging Update: You may have seen or received an older version of the WOW Stick that contains a paper wrapper around the stick. In an effort to reduce waste, we have recently removed the wrapper!
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