Nellie's WOW Mop vs. Nellie's WOW TOO: Clean Smarter, Not Harder!

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Are you looking for a new mop to keep your floors spic and span? Look no further than Nellie's WOW Mop and Nellie's WOW TOO! These mops make cleaning a breeze, but which one is right for you? Let's take a look. 

Design and Features 

Both Nellie's WOW Mop and Nellie's WOW TOO have similar designs. They are cordless, rechargeable mops that come with our powerful Scrub & Polish pads. Plus, you can easily pop off the mop heads and toss them in the washing machine for easy cleaning hundreds of times - That's super planet friendly! 

The WOW TOO has a few extra features that make it stand out from the Original WOW Mop. The WOW TOO has a longer battery life which means you can clean for a longer period without stopping and recharging. Plus, it has a more powerful motor and a removable liquid reservoir, making it the perfect choice for more efficient and effective cleaning. 

Cleaning Performance

Both the WOW Mop and the WOW TOO do an excellent job when it comes to cleaning performance. They use vibration technology to help loosen dirt and grime from floors, and the abrasive cleaning pads make it easy to clean all kinds of surfaces. 

But, the WOW TOO is a powerhouse with its more powerful motor and high-frequency Scrub and Polish Pads that oscillate 1050 x per minute. If you have a houseful of little ones or pets, or you're just prone to getting things super dirty, then the WOW TOO is the choice for you. 


Both the WOW Mop and the WOW TOO are reasonably priced compared to other cleaning tools on the market. You don't have to re-buy disposable pads or liquid compartments, saving you money over time.

Overall, both the WOW Mop and WOW TOO are excellent cleaning tools that can make your home sparkle and shine. If you're on a budget or don't have crazy cleaning tasks, the WOW Mop will do the trick and still work wonders. But, if you want to take things to the next level, and make cleaning a bit more effortless, then the WOW TOO is well worth the investment. 


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