The Nellie's WOW Stick!

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Jilly Box WOW Stick

The WOW Stick has been a fan fave since the day it launched. We had the privilege of putting a Nellie's WOW Stick in Jillian Harris' Jilly Box this past spring.

The only requirement we had during development was that this planet-friendly wonder stick would work better than any other stain remover on the market. While there will always be a stain that just isn't removable, we can confidently say that if it can be tackled, the WOW Stick should be your trusty sidekick! 


How do we know this? 


 - Product testing was done by hand. 
- We ordered all the planet-friendly stain sticks and bars we could find online. 
- We stained multiple clothing items and tested each stain remover on all kinds of stains. 
- We tested multiple versions of the WOW Stick before deciding on the one we sell today. 
- We tested and tested until we could confidently say our WOW Stick was the top performer! 



    Fun facts: 
    • During the testing process (on the Nellie's HQ kitchen island), team members would stop to watch the process. After enough "WOW's", we knew what we were going to call our little wonder stick. 
    • The Nellie's WOW Stick was the first product to feature our signature Lemongrass scent. 


    WOW Stick process

    Here's how to use the Nellie's WOW Stick

    1. Wet the stain. 

    2. Wet the stick. 

    3. Agitate the area with water using a brush or fingers. 

    4. Rinse clean. 

    5. Pop in the washing machine with Nellie's Laundry Soda


    Keep a Nellie's WOW Stick in your laundry area, car, purse, diaper bag, school bag, golf bag and more! Anywhere an unexpected stain could happen! You can treat stains when they happen and launder later - or pre-treat at the washer! 

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