The Nellie's Ninety-Nine

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Did you know you don’t need toxic chemicals to eliminate odours and freshen your home?


Overwhelmed by stinky shoes, sports equipment, pet accessories, compost, garbage bins and cars? 


Nellie’s Ninety-Nine to the rescue! Using the power of electrolyzed water, Nellie’s Ninety-Nine converts table salt and water into a powerful, planet-friendly deodorizer that kills 99.9% of the “bad stuff” that causes nasty odours. 


Nellie's Ninety-Nine

When combined with an electric charge, table salt and water produces electrolyzed water — an odour-killing solution that occurs naturally.  We’d like to say it’s revolutionary, but the truth is, it’s been around for years!


Use Nellie’s Ninety-Nine in the kitchen, bathroom, living areas, pet areas and on any hard, non-porous surfaces that need to be deodorized. No need to mask odours with harmful fumes… eliminate them at the source!


Why Nellie’s Ninety-Nine will make you say WOW! 


Use it on mildew, sports equipment, pet accessories, garbage areas and more!


Reusable & durable bottle. All you’ll ever need is table salt & water


Quick & easy activation


No synthetic chemicals, bleach, alcohol, or hazardous materials go back into our environment.


Your furry friend comes inside after a run-in with a skunk – Nellie’s Ninety-Nine!


Husband left his hockey bag in the front entryway again – Nellie’s Ninety-Nine!


Compost bin almost full and smelling a little bit funky – Nellie’s Ninety-Nine!


Forgot to clean the baby’s milk mishap in the car last week – Nellie’s Ninety-Nine!


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