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For over 18 years, Nellie's has been producing quality cleaning products and packaging with your family's needs AND the planet in mind. 

It was our founder's mother (Nellie) and his childhood chores that inspired the Nellie's brand. As we like to say... Nellie was going green long before the colour was cool! 

Our company's mission is to remove the chemicals and toxins from cleaning formulas while still producing high-performing products

Nellie's is a solution-based company. After all, it started with Dryerballs, a natural solution to static and stiff clothing, eliminating the need for chemical fabric softeners and toxic dryer sheets. 

As we strive to do better with every product we produce, we continue to make changes to current products and packaging when we can, staying true to our values. For example, our Dryerballs have evolved over time from plastic to wool, we removed the plastic bag from our Laundry Soda, and our One Soap is available in glass. 

We are thrilled to have YOU as a customer. So here is our commitment to you when it comes to spending your hard-earned money on Nellie's products. 


Planet Friendly:  Striving to keep the environment as spotless as your home

Simple: Simplifying your daily life with safe, clean formulas and easy-to-use-products

Honest: Providing transparency in our ingredients and developing products that actually work! 

We have some amazing planet-friendly and zero-waste products coming in 2022, so follow us on Instagram and stay tuned!

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