One Small Swap Today Helps The Planet Tomorrow!

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A Very Scary Problem:
Single-use Plastics make up 89% of plastic waste in our oceans
At least 15 million metric tons of plastic enter our oceans every year
Only 5% of plastic waste is recycled in the US, 9% globally
The global dishwashing liquid market is valued at more than 18 BILLION US Dollars

A Very Simple Solution:
The best way to reduce plastic waste is to just not create it!

Officially launching this week is the newest addition to Nellie’s line of products, Dish Butter!

Handmade in Canada, this planet friendly, dishwashing soap is designed to keep toxic chemicals, plastic bottles, and unnecessary packaging out of our waterways.

5 reasons to ditch the plastic for Nellie’s Zero-Waste Dish Butter:

  1. A high-performing formula that rivals leading brand dishwashing liquid soap.
  2. A soft and buttery texture, that prevents over-usage. Easy to measure what you are using when picking up with a sponge, dishcloth or dish brush.
  3. Super concentrated – When used correctly, 1 x Dish Butter can last 2-3 x as long as a bottle of regular-sized liquid detergent.
  4. Packaged in an adorable refillable and reusable ceramic container that hides the soap.
  5. When wet, can be poured from the container into the sink for sink fillers, or used straight from a brush, sponge or cloth for dish-by-dish washing.

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