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As we work our way through Plastic-free July, we know that it will take more than one month of effort to make a significant change for future generations. 

All year long, Nellie's strives to keep the environment as spotless as your home by developing clean, simple, and effective products and packaging. 

It might seem overwhelming to make the switch to planet-friendly cleaning, so we encourage you to just pick one space at a time. We are here to help! 

Starting in the laundry room, here are 7 great  Laundry tips for a greener, cleaner wash and dry. 

Laundry Tips

1. Choose plastic-free packaging options like Nellie's plastic-free 100 Load Tin

2. Use a natural Stain Remover Stick instead of a bleach or chemical spray 

3. Choose a planet-friendly powder detergent such as Nellie's Laundry Soda 

4. Try Nellie's Oxygen Brightener as a safe alternative to bleach (it works on colors too!) 

5. Only run full loads to avoid unnecessary water waste

6. Wash in cold water when you can - Nellie's laundry products are HE certified and effective in cold water

7. Use Nellie's Lamby Wool Dryerballs to reduce drying time, save energy and avoid toxic dryer sheets 

Stay tuned throughout 2022 for exciting new products and packaging changes that support the preservation of our beautiful planet.

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