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13M tons of plastic per year ends up in our oceans. 

Scary right?

At Nellie's, we strive to be plastic free. When developing new products, protecting our oceans and marine life is our owner's top priority. 

Launching today as part of our NEW Zero-Waste Initiative, we would like to introduce the newest addishion to Nellie's line of products, Nellie's Dish Butter

Handmade in Canada, this industry-disrupting, planet-friendly dishwashing product is designed to keep toxic chemicals, plastic bottles, and unnecessary packaging out of our waterways. 

Switching to a zero-waste dishwashing soap is an easy way to protect our planet. 

When developing a waste-free dishwashing block, we were determined to make ours stand out from the rest. After trying a few dishwashing blocks on the market, we came up with solutions to the struggles we had and why we believe people are stuck on using liquid detergent. 

Dish Butter

5 reasons to choose Nellie's Zero-Waste Dish Soap: 

1. A high-performing formula that rivals leading brand dishwashing liquid soap. 

2. A soft and buttery texture that prevents over-usage and is easy to pick up with a sponge, dishcloth, or dish brush

3. One Dish Butter lasts 2-3x as long as regular-sized liquid soap, keeping 2-3 plastic bottles out of our oceans.

4. Packaged in an adorable, refillable, reusable ceramic container that hides the soap. 

5. Easily refillable with Nellie's Dish Butter refills

As with all Nellie's products, we are committed to producing planet-friendly products that actually work! 

Switching to a zero-waste dishwashing soap is an easy way to protect our planet. If not for the it for the fishes!

Nellie's Dish Butter is just the beginning. Follow us on Instagram to see new Zero-Waste Initiative products as they drop!



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