Meet the Future of Dishwashing: Nellie's Dish Stick

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If you think all dish brushes are created equal, you haven't met Nellie's Dish Stick. We're here to spill the beans (or the soap, rather) on this NEW kitchen game-changer. 

The Perfect Combo 

Nellie's Dish Stick is more than just a dishwashing tool; it's a dishwashing revolution. We've merged the cleaning prowess of our trusted Dish Butter with the scrubbing might of our Forever Bush. The result? A planet friendly dishwashing dynamo. 

Load, Twist, and Scrub

Using the Nellie's Dish Stick is as easy as one, two, three (or should we say, load, twist, and scrub?). Begin by adding a Dish Stick Refill to the center of your brush. Position the stick flush with the bristles with a simple twist of the base, ensuring a mess-free and efficient dishwashing experience. 

Never Run Dry 

What if we told you that you could have an endless supply of soap for your dishwashing routine? With Nellie's Dish Stick, it's a reality. Whenever you need more soap, our subscription program has your back! By signing up for our Dish Stick Refill subscription, you can save 10% on Dish Stick Refills plus FREE SHIPPING and receive them without thinking about ordering more. Simply choose your preferred frequency, and voila, you're all set. No last-minute dish soap emergencies! 

Say goodbye to dishwashing dilemmas and hello to the Nellie's Dish Stick. It's the ideal kitchen addition for those who value effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience. Your dishes will thank you, and the planet will, too. 

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