How to Get a Happy, Efficient Laundry Room

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Whatever size your laundry room is, it’s important to ensure it’s a space you’re inspired by and happy to be in, since it’s a room that’s used so frequently. Don’t dread doing the laundry because of the gloomy space! We’ve got some ideas to help you love your laundry room.

Brighten Up, Buttercup

Is your laundry area dark and depressing? A few simple upgrades can beautify the space – first, brighten it up by opening blinds or swapping in LED bulbs. Better lighting is not only more pleasant but also helps you spot and treat stains before they’re set in by the dryer. Also, who says laundry rooms have to be stark and utilitarian? Try a funky wallpaper or paint colour to keep things cheerful. Finally, add a plant to keep the air fresh naturally.

Keep the Essentials Accessible

Consider open shelving to allow clear and easy access to necessities like your Laundry Soda, Oxygen Brightener, and WOW Stick. You can hide extra supplies like lint rollers and sewing kits in baskets and sturdy boxes. A wheeled hamper with separate sections will help you easily divide lights and darks. Look for a nice, attractive hamper – there’s no reason a hamper has to be ugly!

Stack up the Storage

If you have the space, use the laundry room as your cleaning hub with extra cleaning supplies, a broom, your WOW Mop and Floor Care. It’ll keep everything organized and prevent you from having to hunt down the All-Purpose Spray because you’re not sure if you left it in the bathroom or the kitchen.
Do you have other laundry room tips?  Let us know below!
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