How to Clean a Burnt Non-Stick Pan

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Non-stick pans are kitchen super heroes until burnt residue take its toll. Whether you fell victim to dry heating or accidentally cranked the heat too high, fear not! With Nellie's Dish Stick and a touch of TLC, your non-stick pan can reclaim its former glory. Here's your guide to banishing burnt residues and preserving the magic of non-stick. 

Why does non-stick burn? 

1. Dry Heating: 

Dry heating occurs when a non-stick pan is exposed to to heat without any ingredients. Always add cooking fat or ingredients before turning on the heat to prevent this mishap.

2. Overheating: 

Overheating happens when non-stick cookware faces prolonged exposure to very high heat. For optimal non-stick longevity, cook over medium-high heat, max. 

How to Clean your Burnt Pan 

1. Start Fresh: 

Soak and rinse your burnt non-stick pan with warm water and Dishwasher Powder to remove loose residues. Dry heating mishaps often lead to a layer of stubborn burnt particles. 

2. Nellie's Dish Stick Magic: 

Twist the base of your Dish Stick clockwise until the Dish Butter is just shy of the bristles and start scrubbing. The Dish Sticks gentle touch works wonders without compromising your non-stick surface. 

3. Rinse and Assess: 

Rinse the pan thoroughly to reveal the progress. Repeat the process if needed until your pan gleams without a trace of burnt on gunk. 

Additional Non-Stick Care Tips

1. Embrace Low Heat: 

Avoid the temptation of high heat. Opt for medium-high temperatures, especially with high-quality non-stick pans. 

2. Utensil Wisdom: 

Say no to metal utensils. Stick with wood or other non-stick friendly utensils to preserve your pan's coating. 

3. Keep a Watchful Eye: 

Never leave your food unattended. A minute can be the difference between perfectly seared and a culinary disaster. 

With Nellie's Dish Stick and Dishwasher Powder by your side, burnt residues don't stand a chance. Rescue your non-stick pan and let it shine bright in your kitchen once again! 

Happy cooking and cleaning! 

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