Packing Up for a Picnic Adventure!

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Gear up for your next picnic adventure with Nellie's! Whether it's a holiday weekend, a park outing, or a beach day, we've got a fun and convenient idea to elevate your outdoor dining experience. How about re-purposing our trusty Nellie's Dish Butter dishes and Laundry Soda tins to create a portable condiment bar and organized cutlery station? Say goodbye to messy picnics and hello to a delicious, hassle-free meal on the go! 

Pack Your Hot Dog Toppings with Ease

When it comes to creating a delectable hot dog bar, organization is key. Nellie's Dish Butter containers are here to save the day! These sturdy containers, with their convenient lids, are perfect for packing all your hot dog toppings securely. From sauerkraut and relish to diced onions and pickles, these dishes will keep your condiments fresh and ready for action. Simply load them up and into your picnic basket. No more worries about spills or ugly plastic containers. 

A Stylish Solution for Your Reusable Cutlery 

Forget about flimsy plastic cutlery packs that end up in the landfill after one use. Nellie's Laundry Soda Tins are here to up your picnic cutlery game! This versatile container, with its secure lid, is the perfect companion for transporting your reusable cutlery. Slide your forks, knives, and spoons into the tin, secure the lid, and enjoy the convenience of having your cutlery readily available when it's time to eat. No more rummaging through your picnic bag in search of utensils - Nellie's tins have got you covered.

Easy Cleanup for a Planet Friendly Picnic

A successful picnic is not just about the food - it's also about keeping your picnic area clean and tidy. That's where Nellie's Swedish Dishcloth comes in handy! Be sure to bring along this planet friendly cleaning cloth for wiping down the picnic table and tackling quick and easy cleanups. Made from natural fibres, these magic cloths are reusable and absorbent, making them perfect for wiping away spills, crumbs, and messes. Leave no trace of mess and embrace a planet friendly picnic experience!

With Nellie's, packing up a hot dog bar for your next picnic is a breeze! Our Dish Butter containers and laundry tins are the ultimate picnic companions, ensuring your hot dog toppings stay fresh and organized during transportation. Say goodbye to messy spills and hello to a portable feast! Get ready to enjoy a scrumptious hot dog bar on your next outdoor adventure! 

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