Dust Bunnies be Gone! 5 Spots You're Forgetting to Dust

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It’s a simple truth – dust can make you sick. Even if you dust regularly, there are certain spots in your home that you’ve probably forgotten. The good news? We’ve got the full list of those oft-forgotten spots where dirt and germs like to hide. Keep reading and get ready to banish the dust and all the nasties that come with it for good!

Pillows and Bedding

Hopefully you’re washing your sheets weekly, but your blankets, duvet, and pillows are just as exposed to those dead skin cells you shed last night. Plus, your bed is an ideal hiding place for all kinds of dirt and bacteria. Here are our guides on how to clean your mattress, duvet, and pillow cases.


There’s no doubt about it – sofas and armchairs collect a lot of dust. Be sure to vacuum cushions regularly and run a damp cloth over the backs and arms of any furniture with a washable surface. On surfaces like wood, glass, laminate, and granite, use your All-Purpose Cleaner for a green clean without damaging those surfaces.

Undersides of Furniture

When you peek underneath the bed or the couch, you’ll probably find a few tumbleweeds rolling around. You can easily get rid of these with a vacuum or a quick swipe of your WOW Mop. However, have you looked at the actual bottom of your furniture? You might be surprised to find layers of dust, spider webs, and even eggs (yuck!) clinging to bed frames and the undersides of tables and sofas. Ditch that gunk with a dust wand or handheld vacuum.


Next time you’re walking down the hallway, take a closer look at your walls. Are they looking a little fuzzy? Dust can cling to any kind of surface, and it especially loves those tiny crevasses in textured wall paper. To clean fuzzy walls, start at the top and work your way down with a lint-free cloth and your All-Purpose Cleaner. Finish by wiping light switches and door knobs.

Window Treatments

Your handy vacuum is the easiest way to capture dust on blinds, shades, and curtains. To maintain cleanliness (and not make it such a grueling task), dust these areas once a month. If the vacuum doesn’t fully cover the blinds, put an old sock over your hand, dampen with either water or the All-Purpose Cleaner, and run it between the slats.
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