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Keeping your bathroom spick, span and sanitized doesn't have to involve harsh chemicals. With Nellie's Cleaners Bundle, you can achieve a clean and fresh bathroom that's safe for your family and kind to the planet. In this week's blog, we'll walk you through the magic of our Cleaners Bundle and show you how to tackle every nook and cranny in your bathroom, leaving it sparkling and clean. 

 Step 1: All-Purpose Cleaner for Surfaces and Fixtures 

Start your bathroom cleaning with Nellie's All-Purpose Cleaner. This versatile gem works wonders on surfaces and fixtures, effortlessly cutting through dust and grime. Its plant-based formula ensures a deep clean without any harsh chemicals, making it safe for all members of your household. Spray, wipe, and watch your bathroom shine! 

Step 2: Shower & Bath Cleaner for Tubs, Tiles, and Grout 

Next up, it's time to dive into the deep cleaning action with Nellie's Shower & Bath Cleaner. Designed to tackle tough soap scum, mineral deposits, and mildew, after a 20-minute pre-soak, this powerful cleaner restores the brilliance of your tubs, tiles, and grout. Its planet friendly formula will amaze you with its cleaning power while keeping your bathroom free from harmful toxins. 

Step 3: Toilet Bowl Cleaner for a Fresh Finish 

Don't forget the throne! Nellie's Toilet Bowl Cleaner is your secret weapon for conquering stubborn stains and odours. This clear, thick formula clings to the bowl, working its magic to leave it fresh and sanitized. No more harmful fumes or toxic residues - just a sparkling clean toilet for a throne-worthy experience. 

Step 4: One Soap for Spot Cleaning & Hand Washing

Got pesky scuffs that need extra attention? Enter Nellie's multi-purpose One Soap! This all-purpose soap is gentle on surfaces yet mighty on tough spots. Whether it's grime on countertops or tackling stuck-on messes, Nellie's One Soap gets the job done effectively and naturally.  And for extra value, leave it by the sink for gentle hand washing! 

Step 5: Finish with Nellie's Swedish Dishcloths 

Last but not least, give your bathroom a fresh finishing touch with Nellie's Swedish Dishcloths. These super-absorbent wonders are perfect for wiping down surfaces, mopping up spills, and leaving a streak-free shine. Ditch those wasteful single-use paper towels and embrace the eco-friendly charm of reusable, compostable Nellie's Swedish Dishcloths. 

With Nellie's Cleaners Bundle, you can achieve a sustainable clean and fresh bathroom without compromising on effectiveness. Our plant-based formulas are tough on dirt and grime while being gentle on your family and the environment. Say Goodbye to harsh chemicals and unnecessary waste - say hello to a sparkling bathroom that's safe for everyone. 

Ready to transform your bathroom cleaning routine? Shop Nellie's Cleaners Bundle today and save 20%! Learn more tips and tricks on our Instagram for a clean and healthy home. 

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