See You Later, Summer - Top Tips for Storing Warm Weather Clothing

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When it’s time to switch over your wardrobe and bring out your fall and winter clothing, it’s important to store your summer clothes properly so it’ll be ready to go when the warm weather comes around again.

Before you store summer clothes

It can be intimidating and possibly overwhelming, but the best way to get started is to take all of your summer clothes of out the closet and dresser drawers and place them on your bed or a large table. By emptying your closet, you can work more efficiently since you can actually see all of your clothes at once!

Begin by sorting the clothes into categories: shirts, pants, dresses, accessories, etc. Then, tackle each stack by sorting into save, donate and discard piles. Be ruthless! If you didn’t wear it this year, you won’t wear it next year. Have boxes or reusable bags nearby for your donation and discard piles so you can whisk them away when you’re done.

For kid’s clothes that’ll be too small next year, prepare a bag of clothes to hand down, donate to charity or consign.

For the clothes you plan on keeping for next year, carefully inspect each piece to make sure it’s clean and stain free. If it’s not, you know what to do! Use the WOW Stick for tough stains, and then was with the Laundry Soda. If you have to dry clean any items, be sure to remove the plastic bag before storing – that bag can trap moisture and lead to mildew and discoloration.

Clothing Storage Supplies

Whether you’re planning on storing off-season clothes in a closet or packed away, be sure to have the right supplies.

Hangers: If you’re hanging your clothes for storage, choose sturdy hangers that won’t rust, stretch, or discolor your fabrics. Structured items like jackets and coats need shaped hangers to support the shoulders. For skirts and pants, hang them by the waistband on skirt hangers to avoid creases. Silky fabrics must be hung on padded hangars to avoid slipping off during storage.

Clothing Storage Bags: If you have fabric storage bags, give them a quick wash in the washing machine to remove any dust and mold spores before packing away for storage. Fabric hanging bags are ideal, as air can circulate and prevent any moisture build-up and damage.

Storage Boxes: Many clothes, like knits, are best folded rather than hung. Whether you prefer cardboard or plastic boxes, it’s important to choose the right kind to avoid damage to your clothes.

If you’re using plastic containers, make sure they’re clean by wiping them with All-Purpose Cleaner, and then line with a clean, 100% cotton sheet or acid-free tissue paper to keep fragile items from touching the plastic container.

If you’d prefer to use cardboard boxes, make sure they’re acid-free. The cardboard boxes you grab from the grocery store are not safe for clothing storage, as these boxes are made from wood pulp that can leach acids and cause stains on clothes! Save these boxes for other use, such as Halloween and Christmas decoration storage.

Clothing Storage Areas

If you’re simply transferring summer clothes to another closet, it's the perfect time to clean the closet or storage area you’ll be using. Give it a good vacuum, and wipe any surfaces with the All-Purpose Cleaner.

Store your clothing in a cool, even-temperature and well-ventilated area that is away from artificial or natural light. Avoid attics, damp basements and garages.

This may seem like a long to-do list, but when Spring comes around you’ll be happy you took the time to store summer clothes correctly.

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